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Group of Death

Where FIFA fails, Howler delivers. They didn’t give us a Group of Death for the 2022 World Cup, so we made one.

San Diego based metal band (Beekeeper) shed their name for a month and became “Group of Death” writing and dropping 4 ear-splitting metal anthems during the group stage of the World cup hosted by Qatar.

The elephant in the room: Host country Qatar’s horrible human rights record. Horrible working conditions for migrant workers contributed to massive casualties while building the stadiums and infrastructure to support the event.

Howler saw massive engagement on their social channels, including countless organic shares by some of the sport’s biggest stars and brands. It struck the perfect balance of protest, intensity and humor.

The campaign was short-listed for a One Show award, and took home one of the top AMP Awards for Music and Sound “Most Effective Use of Music in a Campaign”.

→ Brand: Howler
→ Agency: Howler Studio
→ Band: Beekeeper (Ally Levine, Adam “Wally” Wollach, Dylan Marks)
→ Editor-in-Chief: Dennie Wendt
→ Creative Director / CMO (Chief Metal Officer): Erich Pfeifer
→ Executive Producer / Creative Director: Aaron James
→ Executive Producer / Music Supervision: Dennis Culp / Singing Serpent
→ Director: Chad Kelco
→ Editor: Zach Jones / Lucky Day
→ Assistant Editor: Phillip McGuigan / Lucky Day
→ Music Producer / Engineer / Mixer: Alex Jacobelli / Singing Serpent
→ VFX: Parliament
→ Color Studio: Royal Muster
→ Colorist: Calvin Bellas
→ Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson
→ Producer: Christina de Guzman
→ Color Assistant: Zack Wilpon
→ Chief Propagandist: Doug Zanger / Howler
→ Howler Social Media: Adam Susman



"Black World Cup Winter" (1 of 4)

"The Cup is Not Coming Home" (2 of 4)

"Field of Screams" (3 of 4)

"Death Roll Call" (4 of 4)

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